I can honestly say that drinking is a time of reflection. It was this weekend that I really thought about what I stood for and why. I also thought about who I actually care for and why I care for them.

It’s only after years of caring for someone can they really upset you. Friends that you meet for the summer or event a semester can make you mad but how many of your friends can make you cry. Not many I can promise you that. Only the ones that you absolutely care for. The Coldplay song says I’m gonna buy a gun and start a war if you can tell me something worth starting for. Kind of like friendship I suppose. It’s only when you truly
realize what friendship is for can you realize who you friends are.

I have realized who my friends are this week. I have lots of “acquaintances” that’s for sure. Plenty of people know me and I know them; however, how many people would I actually consider my friend. Not many. It takes someone to trust me even when it hurts. It takes someone to believe in me when they mind tells them not to. That’s a friend of fun though, like I said. For nearly three hours we played with them.