It’s been sometime since I’ve posted. I have actually had the urge to post on several occasions but didn’t. The system, which I plan to use to post in still in production stages. I plan to create my own blogging software basically. Of course all the other projects I’ve been working on have kept me busy. One that I’m quite proud of is the update. You’ll need a Winthrop email account to actually view it, but let me just tell you it was a bitch to figure out. The code for that is horrible. No real type of organization. Enough of my csci junk.

Orientation job is starting to wrap up. We have a little bit of work left to do but then it’s over. I’m looking forward to it to be honest so I can spend more time doing programming work. It was an experience to say the least working for that office. I have gained a lot of very valuable experience in dealing with different parents, students, and departments.

My academic career was cleared up a little today. I met with a professor and finally figured out when I was going to be able to graduate. I had no idea due to my crappy advisor, well ex-advisor now. I could graduate as early as December of ’05 or take my time and graduate that spring of ’05. I’ll probably end up doing the latter (that reference goes out to my latter buddies) if I can get the financial aid to stay that long. If not, I really have no idea what I might do. Rob a bank perhaps, j/k. I’m sure everything will work out. Everything will always work out.