I’ll bet you have no idea what that red flag is doing in here. Well let me enlighten you. That is the flag or Turkey. Hell of a flag, huh? I know you see the symbolism now. One misconception about college: Thanksgiving break does not mean a break from work, just from class. My family is going to the mountains to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have opted to stay here and eat with John’s family. They always feed me well. I just have too much work that requires the computer.

This morning I was supposed to have an on-site visit at Springs. I woke up and immediately began to regurgitate. At first I thought it was some bad pizza from Papa Johns but Chip had the same thing so that’s out. I had some chicken also from Papa Johns and a sald from The Whitehorse. The best I can figure it’s one of those that my stomach didn’t like. I didn’t feel well enough to be able to ride 45 minutes in a car to Lancaster. Instead we’ve pushed the meeting back to more-than-likely Monday. I felt better by lunch so apparently whatever it was just wanted to get out.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and damn it sure does hurt. Ahh, I kid. I have been wondering what I’m gonna do when I graduate. I am nearly 100% sure I don’t wanna live in Rock Hill. It’s a nice place but I need to get away for a little while. I can see my epitaph now:

Born in York County

Learned in York County

Lived in York County

Died in York County