I know it’s been a while. Quite possibly the longest span without writing since this semester. I disappeared for a while. It was a dark time that took lots of love from family and friends to get through. Thanks to everyone for that.

Swollen Uvula

Let me give you a little run down of what’s been going on. I’ve got lots of sleep. Lots of much needed rest and relaxation. I feel prepared to take on this 18 hour semester. I got a new cell phone. Pretty good deal actually. My mother got it for free on her plan and just go to give it to me. I got a new car: a ’98 Ford Explorer. It’s well used but it should last me for a while which is good. For the past two years I graciously volunteered to be the designated driver for my friends in Rock Hill on New Years. This being my first new years as 21, I decided I wanted to go out. Some friends booked a motel room nearly blocks from uptown Charlotte with the intention of going out to the local bars and watching the fireworks from there. Instead, while waiting outside on my friends to return some drunk guy started talking crap about another friend. I was very polite and asked him to stop. I thought everything was fine and then that SOB punched me in the side of the face. After what felt like an eternity of shock he started to hit me again. I decided one of his girly punches was enough and “bull-rushed” him against the hotel, grabbed him by the collar and threw him down, literally. I was on top of him about to unleash when his friends pulled me off. Luckily they got mad at him and made him leave. I ended up being so mad that night I couldn’t sleep. Stayed up all night, even had the continental breakfast at 6AM and talked to the manager for about an hour and a half.