Weekend: Two lacrosse games later, I’m still intact. On Friday I drove down to Charleston and stayed with Ashley and her family. Saturday we played the Citadel. The first half was a great game. Went into halftime tied at 7. Do to other obligations and injuries our bench was very thin. The lack of subs caused us to get tired. They simply had the legs to beat us. Ended up losing 21 – 8 (I think). Had we had all of our players it would’ve been a much closer game and if the time keepers weren’t idiots. No need to make excuses though. Sunday’s game against Western Carolina ended up a win for us. They were also a small team. I had some great hits. Final score 11 – 2 (I think again).

Winthrop Partying 101

Monday: Valentine’s Day. A day that will either make you or break you. Luckily this year it was a good one. After limping in soreness all day and having a horrible headache Chip and I both cooked for our respective dates. We also had Tony be our waiter, tux included. It was very nice and romantic. I had a good time with Ashley and my roomates.

Tuesday: The headache is still here. I know lots of people get headaches lots of times but for me their big deals simply because I never get them. When I do, it’s big. I mean I’m like a vegetable. I went and got my blood pressure taken by one of those machines, very high, so tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment. I know he’s gonna say I need to exercise more and eat better. This can be my inspiration, to get rid of those damn headaches. Plus, you know I have to get back down to my bikini weight.