That’s the feeling I had yesterday. It started on Friday. I worked for a few hours in the morning then took off to sign my lease papers. Soon there after I started moving. I moved from 1 until about 8, that time doesn’t even including packing. I weighed myself that morning and then around 7 PM – six pounds difference. All sweat I know but just shows how hard I actually worked. I spent the remaining time on Friday just putting up all my stuff. I live further away from Winthrop now but much closer to the “nice” part of Rock Hill. It’s where the shops, mall, and a lot of eating places are. It was harder to move than I first thought, not physically. I’ve spent the past three years and three months at the same place with basically the same people so there’s a lot of comfort there with a lot of great memories. After getting setting my stuff settled into our new place I feel a lot better though. Being organized and having everything clean gives me those warm fuzzies inside.

On Saturday I unpacked and straightened up some more. I also worked in a little time at the pool. There’s not jacuzzi (which I’m obsessed with) but it was still nice to just relax by the water. Saturday night I just hung out with some friends at the place and realized just how much stuff we stil l need to get, like a deck of cards.

My original intentions for Sunday were to be lazy by the pool all day. Instead I ended up coming into work and helping move equipment in our server room. We recently got new racks and a battery backup system so we’re moving everything around. We worked for about four hours but got so much work done. Pretty much all the work we can do right now until we get some more equipment. It looks ten times more organized and cooler in the room now.