You’re probably wondering about not being a baby’s momma, well maybe you’re not, but I’m gonna explain it anyway. I must warn that there are probably gonna be explicitives in this entry as I get pissed when I think about what happened. On Monday morning at approximately 2:00 AM I was abruptley awoken by a LOUD bang. I jumped up and found my roomate in the hallway very disturbed looking. Turns out, some jackass had been banging on our door. Geoff heard it but I slept through that part. Unsatisfied with no response he decides to literally kick down the door. Since Geoff was somewhat awake from the banging he hops up and opens his door only to find a guy starring back at him. The guy says, “wrong apartment” and takes off.

**Wrong Apartment?! WTF?!?! **You just kicked our friggin’ door down at 2 in the morning and you’re dumbass isn’t even sure it’s the right damn apartment? How friggin’ stupid can you be? Geoff said the guy looked as surpised to see him and he was as suprised to see the guy. The guy took off and we weren’t able to find him so we called the cops. Our first question, why in God’s name did you just kick our door down? Looking for crack money was my first guess.