I finally got to take a “vacation” this weekend. I left Friday morning bright and early and drove down to Pauley’s Island, SC. I was a volunteer for the Hannah and Friends Celebrity Golf Classic. It was actually pretty cool. I “met” lots of football players for the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. And by met I mean I asked them how they were, they said good, and asked how far to the green. A few of them did actually have conversations with me. Basically, these rich people pay money to play with the different players. The money goes to Autistic Kids programs because one of the coaches for the Panthers has an autistic daughter. A noble thought to say the least. Everyone gets pampered very nicely.

My job was to stand on the third tee box and ask them if they’d like me to wash their club off. None accepted so I ended up just talking to them about how far the hole was. It was very amusing actually seeing as how I’ve never hit a regular golf ball (excluding putt-putt) in my life and here I was giving tips to these players and rich people. I lucked in that my hole had a beautiful hole to the green, a nice breeze, the shade, and a water fountain.

After the tournament I got a shower then drove an hour and a half down to Summerville to see Ashley. We basically hung out with her parents around the house. It was nice to relax, however. We also went to Ashley’s neice’s one year birthday party. It was the most fun I’ve ever had for a dollar. They have these fountains and whatnot that the kids play in. Ashley and I decided to get in. She had all the girls, not just the ones for the party, against me and a couple of the little guys. It was a lots of fun though, like I said. For nearly three hours we played with them.