(!Kidding Just) Holy Crap. It’s hard being a good student. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t tell you a time prior to this semester that I’ve cared about my grades. It’s actually funny because I preached for over two years to incoming freshman how they were going to have to change their study habits from high school. I however never followed my own advice. I’ve studied here and there. I’ve read over my notes or spent a little time on a project. I’ve never really changed the amount of studying and time on school work in probably about ten years. For some reason I believe it finally started to dawn on me. I want to do well in school. I’m paying, well borrowing, a crap load of money to be here. If I don’t do well I’m not getting my moneys worth.

I’m taking two 400-level computer science classes, an intensive writing class (arguably one of the most challenging classes here at Winthrop), and a modern physics class. To some that might not sound so bad but to someone that’s trying to do better in school that’s a bitch. The past three years I’ve been here I was so involved on-campus. This semester has definitely changed that. I don’t even have time to do work for my job here. Luckily they’re understanding that academics come first. I’ve had to miss several lacrosse practices. I’m just going to have to realize I can’t do everything now that I’m focusing my attention where is should be, on my
academic career.