I need to write. I know I need to write about something. Suddenly when I sit down to write I can’t think of anything. Important events
are supposed to inspire you to write. Perhaps I’ll just start by what’s happened to me since my last thought. *Looking back at my last thought* I really don’t like putting “actions”
in my thoughts but it looked cool so what the hell.

I last wrote on the 16th of September. Well it’s October which means the month has changed. I had several tests and projects in that time. I did well on my tests. Got a B on my first
modern physics test. Got an A in software engineering and a B in programming languages. I made a C on a writing 465 class. The same class that I forgot to SU. Not very smart on
my part but oh well. I’m sure lots more happened since then but oh well. I guess it wasn’t that important if I can’t remember it.

What do I have coming up? Well our first lacrosse game is this weekend. It’s a scrimage against Presbyterian College. They’re a new team so it should be a pretty good game. I’m
excited to have that adrenaline rush back again. It’s also a great stress reliever for me getting to run and hit people. We also have our alumni weekend for Kappa Sigma which I’m also
looking forward to.

I’m tired so I’m going to bed. This is probably a crappy entry, as opposed to all the other ones which are pure excitement.