I typed here in all caps just so everyone will understand HOW EXCITED I AM. In case you didn’t understand, typing in all caps shows just how happy and ecstatic you really are. From now on I suggest that if you are feeling awesome, you should TYPE IN ALL CAPS!

Seriously though, Fall Break starts for me today at 6:15. At one point in time I had grand visions of going somewhere blah blah, like I do every year. But then I have to come to the realization that I’m broke and can’t afford to go anywhere. I’m sure there will be some other people still in town so I can manage to find some type of enterainment. I do have a good bit of work due when we get back. That’s not really entertainment though. The main objective of this weekend is to sleep. Lots of sleep.

I’m not gonna lie to you here, I’ve written this entry in two parts. The first part, I had no money. Now, I have money. I went home to find a 100 dollar rebate check from my monitor waiting on me. HAPPY ME. Look all caps. I still think I’m gonna stay around Rock Hill, except now I’ll be able to actually eat. Tonight we have a mixer with ADPi. Hopefully enough of them and us haven’t left for Fall Break yet.

For those that are habitual readers (that makes it sound like a bad thing), you’ll probably remember my complaints about how I actually edit/insert new thoughts. Well I’ve been working on that the past couple days. I’m now using a Rich Text Editor to update my entries. Pretty exciting huh? Be on the lookout this weekend for some changes. I’m still focused on actually having a “comment” section for my individual entries.

For everyone that has a Fall Break this weekend, have fun! For everyone else, just hang in there it’s coming.