We played SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) on the 23rd. You’re probably having the same thought I did. Art and Design, how good of a team can this be. Well the first inclination that this was gonna be a tough game came about before we even set foot on the field. Pulling into the parking lot we got to see their license plates. Maryland, Virginia, Florida, New York Probably the states where lacrosse is the most prevelant. Anyway, our team had many improvements. We played a much better game than we did against PC. Hopefully by next semester we will be a real competitor.

This bruise is on my right thigh. I cropped the original picture to exclude certain “cracks” on my body. I got it from a shot-on-goal.

Anyway, school is keeping me BUSY (Remember all caps). I’m still doing well. A couple of the classes are hard work but oh well. I got my second modern physics test back today. B+ That’s what I’m talking about. This weekend is Halloween. Lots of celebrations. On Friday it’s a party with some good friends from work. On Saturday I will be attending Fright Night sponsored by Kappa Sigma. It’s at The Money in Rock Hill. It’s free though so come out. Then on Sunday I will be trick-or-treating. Should be an exciting weekend to say the least.