It’s so weird how quickly my mood can change. Sunday I was definitely sick. I’m not gonna lie, I think a lot of had to do with being hungover; however, I also think it was possibly I ate something the day before that contributed to it. I actually missed a group meeting and two Kappa Sigma events because I felt so bad. I slept through all of it. Thanks to those people that stepped up and did a lot of group work and Kappa Sigma stuff for me.

But just as quickly as it came, today I started to feel better. Classes went by fast. I’m not sure what changes my mood sometimes. I went from feeling like crap to having a pretty good day and almost feeling revived. Perhaps it was the 16 hours or so of sleep I got on Sunday. I’ve talked to some people about possibly having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). They all seem to agree, but I think a lot of college students have it. It’s just our lifestyle; having so much to do and worry about but getting very little sleep. Catching up on sleep I’m sure was a big change but sometimes it seems to be the small things that can really change your mood, whether it be just having someone ask if you’re okay or getting a good meal. I dunno, sounds weird but I think it’s true.