CSS is amazing. In approximately 1 hour I completely changed the look and feel of my site. It really only took that long because I had to tweak a few things, some one-time fixes kind of stuff. By simply changing one file I have completely redesigned my site. It’s just amazing.

Let me just give you a run down of the events happening lately. I can’t drive my truck because the tags are expired. I can’t afford to buy new tags because I’m too poor. My bicycle was stolen. If I find the bastard(s) that did it I am scared of what I will do. Lots of physical pain and suffering I’m sure. That pretty much leaves me bumming rides from people and walking. My pet mouse died. I’m also sick with a cold.

That’s a lot of crap on my shoulders, literally. Surprisingly though I’m not in a bad mood. I feel literally sick but I don’t have that weighed down feeling that I get a lot. Maybe that comes with age or maybe drugs. Nyquil is one hell of a drug. It knocks you out within 20 minutes.

I’m tired of typing. I feel as if I’m in the mood where I might type something and then regret it later. I don’t wanna do that because then I’d have to deal with. I’m out.