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High Blood Pressure. I’ve had it for some time now. It’s always teetering on the brink of requiring attention and just being a little too high. A few weeks ago I started getting bad headaches. Sure, just headaches. Take some Tylenol and you’ll be fine. My case is a little unique. I NEVER get headaches. I could probably count the number of headaches I’ve ever gotten on my two hands (that means no more than ten). After about the fourth day of my headaches I decided I needed to do something. I went to one of those crazy little machines that takes your blood pressure at Eckerds (I’m sure that’s now how you spell it but that’s how I say it). 159 over 97. Poopie. Way to high.

One EKG, one blood sample, one urine sample, and two x-rays later she says I have the string things around my heart. I have to change my diet. No more than 3 grams of salt per day and no alcohol. Plus, gotta take this tiny pill every day. One small problem there, I can’t swallow pills. “Well if you want to get better then you’ll learn” Amazingly I learned how to swallow pills.

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