Girls want guys with great skills. Like bo hunting skills, computer hacking skills. So I got a job at Carowinds. Excuse me, Paramount’s Carowinds. I’m sure some would consider that stooping to a new low, and dependant upon the job as would I. However, I’m working the Information Services (“IT”) department. It’s really not a bad job. I get good hours which is gonna be a little tough right now but during the summer the hours will be great. The only deterant from the job was the fact that you have to be clean shaven. I just don’t like that. I look like a “husky” sixteen year old going through puberty without any facial hair.

I got advised on Wednesday. I officially have EIGHTEEN hours left until I graduate. I wish I wasn’t such a broke college student that I could afford to take a summer class in order to relieve my Fall semester, but oh well. I’m taking eighteen hours now and am doing well so I should be fine. My proposed 2005 schedule is still changing at this point. Not sure whether I’m going to take the intro to Geology class or Oceanography. I can tell you which one I’d like to take, neither.

For some reason that reminds me of a joke… There once was a man from Nantucket. Just kidding about that one. It does remind me of the joke when you’re riding by a cemetary and say “People are just dying to get into a place like that,” or “Do you know how many dead people are in that place? All of them!” Good stuff. Larry Earl originals I believe.