Well, not Scott but Bobby. Scott might be on fire to but I don’t know Scott so I don’t want to speak for him. I’m amazed I can type this right now without my ginormous head falling over. I went and saw the Orientation skits last night. That was good. I almost backed out from going at the last minute. I knew that if I went I was going to miss it a little, lo and behold, I did. Luckily it turned into more of an ego booster for me than anything, which explains why my head was so big.

I was introduced to someone who’s response was, “the infamous Bobby Earl?” Talk about a rush. I also found out a freshman of mine was an OA which is cool. I then went on to converse with the assistant dean to some other folks. In normal my-mother fashion she was so boastful of me. I did not complain as you might imagine. I just soaked all the compliments in. It was awesome.

Work has been going great to. I do miss being in student affairs, a lot, but being able to complete some of these projects is so rewarding to me. I need to find a job where I can be around people and still have my fun computer time. That would be nice. I’m still trying to find somewhere to live. Geoff and I have both been pretty busy so it’s hard to find time to go and look for places. He did get a job at Fort Mill middle so we might be moving closer to Fort Mill than originally expected. I don’t mind… gets me a little further from Rock Hill.

I can only hope the rest of my summer will be as good as the past couple of days. If that be the case there’s no doubt it’ll be a great one. Only a few more goals I want to start working on for the summer. I ain’t no holla back girl. Search that google!