“Work Work Work Work, Hello Boys, miss me?” Five dollars to anyone who can name that movie. Anyway, I’ve devoted so much of my time to my work lately. It’s not bad because I thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing. I’m currently preparing a template for our new student email message server which will blend into the university’s overall theme for websites. I’m gaining even more valuable experience through it all. I have no question that my hard work will pay off.

It’s become my belief that college students end up doing one or a combination of three things during the summer.

  1. Take classes
  2. Be incredibly lazy
  3. Work insane amounts usually due to the fact that you’re the low man on the totem pole

As said I have been doing lots of work, the low man fortunately isn’t applicable to me. Sitting down writing this entry have I remembered all the work I’ve done so far. Started off by creating a website displaying time and date, current weather conditions based on an xml feed from weather.com, and a snapshot of a campus webcam. I then began tweaking our shared network drives to be accessible from off-campus. That one’s not quite finished. Turns out setting up new accounts wasn’t so much of a problem but changing our 8,000 some accounts is difficult. I created a few FireFox “Search Engines” to search the Winthrop web, faculty/staff, and students.