I shall tell you. Tillman. In the basement for hours and hours. I have no one to blame. The assignments I’ve been working on, I’ve known for sometime they were due but I procrastinated. Shocking. The only reason I’ve kept my little bit of sanity is that they are computer science related assignments, two of which were even webpages. A little about the projects:

Question Mark

The first being my software engineering II semester long project. On my behalf, this is the second working version which I’ve done. My first was done in an older language which was slapped together. I then decided that I wanted to write a new version. So, on Saturday night I started. I really didn’t dig down deep until Sunday. I was in here (I say here because I’m writing this in Tillman) for almost 14 hours with only 20 and 30 minute lunch and supper breaks respectively. I then worked for a few more hours on Monday morning and had my completed version by afternoon, just in enough time to get dressed for our presentation of the site. During our final run through a mere thirty minutes before class the main function of the site stops working. I manage to miraculously slap together some crappy code that worked. Just goes to show why you don’t develop a semester long project in one night.