I know I know I know – it’s been over two months since I’ve written anything. I really have no reason. I just didn’t feel like it. I can try my best to give a quick recap. For Thanksgiving Ashley and I went to the Ramsey’s in good ole Hickory Grove. I think she went home after that but I can’t remember. I graduated from Winthrop. Christmas came and went. I bought a truck. I accepted a job at Winthrop as an Information Resource Consultant. That’s pretty much it.

I like my job at Winthrop. I like the people, the school, the environment, the work. There’s really nothing bad about it. I am, however, still looking at some other jobs. Tomorrow I have a job interview with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for a webmaster position. I had an interview in Charleston as well so there’s still some other possibilities out there. The biggest thing is I just wanna get out of York County for a while. That’s pretty much all that’s happened.

I did add some random snapshots of the past couple of months.