Finally, I write. I wanted to before but everytime I’d start I quit. A lot has changed in my life since I wrote last. I took at job at VarnerMiller in Mount Pleasant, SC. It’s right outside of Charleston, SC. I like the job. I’m a systems engineer but my duties range from network administrator to programmer. I am “the” it guy. It’s a much different role than the one I had at Winthrop. This week I worked on fixing some neglected network issues as well as acquanting myself with Flash and it’s ability to communicate with a database.

That crap probably doesn’t excite you like it does me. And not in that sexual excitement way. Well, wait. :-) Anyway, my bosses were amazing enough to offer me a place to stay. I’m living in the townhouse they own which is near they’re house. I lived with Chip and Ben in West Ashley for a week. I had more fun there just because I was around people but living on the couch wasn’t too exciting for 3 or 4 months. The drive is 1.1 miles less now but I think it takes about the same amount of time simply because of all the friggin’ people. I used to think there were a lot of people in York County. It’s just car after car out here.

I’m thinking it’s gonna be hard in a few months when I move in with Chip and Griffin. The place I’m in is nice. I mean nicer than anything I’ve ever lived in before. It’s hard right now living by myself. I’ve had a roomate for lived with the parents for twenty-two years and how I’m all alone.

About the title: there’s a lot of construction going on around here. I believe a majority of the construction workers are Mexican. Because of that there’s a taco truck that comes around. It looks and sounds just like an ice cream truck – including the kid music playing. I built up the courage to go over for lunch today and get a taco or something but the damn thing drove off before I could get there. I need to be quicker I guess.