I’ve already written about having a swollen uvula. It gets about 5 – 10 hits a day from search engines. I’m writing another entry because it’s happened again. Friday night I went to bed on the couch after drinking. I apparently fell asleep on the couch flat on my back with my mouth wide open. I had less to drink than the last time it happened. Probably about 5 or 6 liquor drinks.

Anyway, I woke up around 6 and new exactly what happened. I could tell it was swollen pretty bad. Instead of panicing and running to the emergency room like last time, I simply got up and started drinking gatorade. I drank about a liter before falling back asleep. Several hours later I woke up with definite improvements, but still swollen. I remember the doctor’s advice from last time to garggle with salt water, which I did not do last time. To fix that Chip, Ashley, and I decided to go to the beach and meet some friends. No alcohol, just gatorade and salt water.

By the time we left the beach which was probably 10 hours from when I first woke up and 6 hours from when I woke up the second time I was completely back to normal. So despite how much uncomfortable it is to swallow you gotta start drinking gatorade.

On a possibly related note. Now that I think about it, both times this has happened I drank vodka and cranberry. I’ve had vodka and cranberry other times without it so I don’t know. Other than this not much has been going on. Chip, Griffin, and I haven’t had much luck finding a place to live. We’ve found several places we liked but they were either out of our price range, in the ghetto, or the owners don’t wanna rent to three individuals – even though it’s a friggin’ three bedroom house.