3:00 PM

I decide I’m going to do it. Free Chick-Fil-A for a year. That’s 52 coupons for free value meals. I tell Lori where I’m going and head from Mount Pleasant to James Island. It seems every cop in the world is on the same road I am forcing me to not speed. I even almost kill a bicyclist as he
veers onto the connector trying to fix his CD player.

3:20 PM

I make three friggin’ trips around the block trying to decide whether there’s already 100 people in line. Finally, after 10 minutes of driving I decide I’ll be mad at myself for a long time if I at least don’t get out and see what number they’re up to.

3:30 PM

I just missed a sign-in and now they’re doing roll call so I have to wait 20 minutes. I find out I’m number 106 – just 6 people shy of being guaranteed a spot in the top 100. I decide to go ahead and sign up hoping that at least 6 people ahead of me will drop out.

4:00 PM

My nuts are on fire. I’m in blue jeans and a collared shirt. Finally I get some reinforcements and a change of clothes. Ashley signs up as number 122 and Chip doesn’t wanna hobble across Folly Rd. to get his driver’s license so he decides to hang out. I’m told they’re gonna have roll calls every hour. Anyone over the top 100 get entered into a raffle for 5 of the prizes. The longer you’re there the more tickets you have the raffle.

8 friggin’ 30 PM

Over 4 hours before another roll call. I’m pretty pissed but a free chicken
sandwich heals all the pain. That plus the pizza we ordered. Time’s gone by pretty fast at this point. Having Chip and Ashley there make it a hell of a lot better considering there are definitely some strange folks at this thing. Luckily I’m not one of those. :-)