I figured it was my time to write an entry here. This is actually my first blog ever, so bear with me. We have been engaged for a little over two weeks and those weeks have really flown by. We have found a place for the ceremony and reception. They are going to be held at the Pavilion at Patriot’s Point. If you look at the memories section of the website you can see pictures of it. I also found my dress, so that’s exciting!

This week we want to figure out what we are going to do as far as music at the reception and also blocking hotel rooms. We are not sure where we are going to go on the honeymoon, but we are also starting to get our passports ready just in case.

I also have to say that my bridesmaids are pretty awesome too. Megan was going to drive all the way down on friday just look at my dress and then drive back up to Rock Hill that same day. Her car died on the side of the road while she was on her way down, but it still meant a lot that she was willing to make the drive anyways. Jennie has also been great. She was with me when I went dress shopping and sending me info on lots of things I need for the planning. I think we e-mail or talk to each other about every other day. My mom has also been a really big help with the planning of everything.

That is really about it as far as the wedding planning is going. Bobby has been amazing about helping me out with everything. There is no way we would have this much accomplished already with out his help…and all the women in his office.