Tomorrow Ashley and I have a 10AM appointment at Gene’s Bridal. She’s doing a dress fitting then we’re looking at possible tuxedos. I’m standing firm on the tuxedo t-shirt. I feel it best matches the current mullet I have. All I’ll be missing is a case of Bud diesel – guess we’ll save that for the wedding day. [Gotta remember to stop making jokes about the wedding … and getting married … and short people]

Although I feel my mullet is no where near the girth and class of Uncle Jesse, I still fill it’s time for a cut. The thick mop on my head’s getting too long. I’m thinking I may mix it up a little and go for a haircut with a “style” as opposed to the normal Chip buzzing me on the porch. Perhaps something like Froto above? I’m quite comfortable with the buzz cut and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. I’ve tried “styling” my hair before but to no avail. Bowl cut, dying, bleaching, frosting, I’ve tried it all but I always come crawling back to the buzz like some sort of beaten step child. Maybe that’s not the best reference but you get the point.

We’ve made lots of wedding plans since our last post two months ago. So many plans I can’t remember them all. Maybe I’ll make Ashley feel guilty and get here to write again. I’ve made a few updates to the site including adding our bridal party and gift registrations. There are a few things left to do but I just haven’t been motivated to do them. I think I ran out of steam to make any website changes after launching the *redesigned* College of Charleston alumni website.