Clay and Rob came to visit. They provided lots of fun and even brought a few cd’s. Perhaps my favorite song is a cover of Rockin’ Chair by Death Cab for Cutie. There were a few other good ones from Nada Surf, Fall Out Boy, and Modest Mouse.

Only 2 months and 4 days left until the big day. Everyone keeps asking if I’m nervous, which I slightly am, but not for the reasons most people are nervous before their wedding. I’m actually a little nervous about making sure things go right. I usually get nervous about making sure things go to plan. I just want to be sure Ashley has the best day. There’s absolutely no anxiety about getting married. I get to spend the rest of my life with my very best friend.

I also updated some of the wedding stuff in the past few days. Ashley, Chip and I also created a facebook application called Birthday Card, which allows you to post birthday cards on a friends wall, instead of just a boring message. In the three days it’s been live, we have 941 active users. We’ve also raised a total of 58 cents. Yay.