Well it appears I lack a desire to write any kind of blog entry.  I’ve done an amazing job of updating my twitter status which shows up above.  I’m not promising to write more.  I’m not sure it necessary now.  I’ll hold onto this format for a little longer.

I might as well attempt to update you on a few things.  Our photographer posted our wedding photos so I encourage you to check those out.  Definitely some keepers.

Official Wedding Photos

Ashley and I have also decided to move out.  It’s going to be hard because we both enjoy our roommate’s company, but we’re excited to have a place with just the two of us – and a dog or cat.  :-)  We’re mainly looking at staying downtown or moving back to Daniel Island.  Keep our eyes open for anything interesting though.  Our lease doesn’t end until the end of June so we have several more months to find something.