I briefly used iTunes in the past, but was never really impressed. I’ve consistently used Windows Media Player for quite some time now. There may have even been a brief stint with Winamp. Perhaps the only reason I stuck with WMP was it was already bundled with the PC. While helping Clay finally setup his computer this weekend, I took a peek at his music library. I’d seen CoverFlow on the iPhone, but just assumed you couldn’t use it on Windows. Guess that’s what I get for assuming.


I immediately set it up to share music. Only problem there is you can’t use CoverFlow when looking at a shared library. When I got to work I got excited thinking about all the possible libraries out there. To my shagrin I couldn’t see a single shared library. While I’m not a network expert, I’m pretty sure it’s due to the limitations of zerconf and subnets. Maybe not limitations, but intentional design.

Using RendezvousProxy I was able to at least view my home library, via a tutorial. It works perfectly when selecting individual songs, but when set to shuffle iTunes will hang at the end of the first song. I’m still hoping to be able to access shared libraries on the campus.