Well it’s only been 3 months and 18 days since we were married – who’s counting right? :-) but Ashley and I are already thinking about what we would like to do for our 1 year anniversary.  Something tropical will probably always be on the list.  We went near Cancun for our Honeymoon, so I imagine we might like to do something a little different.  Two big things come to mind.  The first being some kind of ski trip out west.  The other being Europe, probably the Italy area.  There’s also Gatlinburg and Dollywood, right?!

In the next couple of weeks my new Apple Macbook Pro should be arriving.  This is a fairly large step for me personally, as well as our division.  Although I’ve used Macs on several occasions, I never had one to call my own.  For IA, I’m the first user to have one.  I imagine others may soon follow.  When we sat down and looked at all the pros and cons, it just made sense to go with the Mac. With Bootcamp, it’s practically two machines for the price of one.

In the past month alone, nearly 10% of our visitors were using a Mac.  While Safari is available for Windows, it still makes me feel better knowing our sites and applications are accessible using other platforms.  Luckily we held off just long enough to get a Mac with the new Trackpad.  Needless to say I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m also excited about finally getting a second monitor.  There are just so many applications that almost require a large amount of screen space, that this one’s been coming for a while.  That on top of the 5 or so windows that I have up almost constantly, will now have plenty of room to spread out.