I’ve found that as I get better updating my status on Facebook and Twitter (mainly thanks to my new iPhone 3G – that’s another story), I’ve gotten worse at writing blog entries. I can’t promise that I’ll get better either.  I thought I would just jump in and update about our lives.

I’ll write about the most important first.  Ashley and I are having a baby.  She’s due January 29 so we still have a ways to go.   Her little belly is starting to poke out just a tiny bit.  I have to say she is so beautiful with it.  In about 6 weeks we’ll be able to tell the sex.  My old coworker and her husband, who are also having a child, have decided to wait to find out the sex.  Ashley and I aren’t that strong-willed and are dying to know.  So much so, she wanted me to buy some 3D imaging scan that would tell us the sex at 16 weeks.  For now I’ve held off, but we shall see.

Baby Earl

As I’ve previously discussed, we’re now living in the top floor of an old house.  After mentioning the baby to our landlord, he graciously offered for us to leave our lease early with no penalty to the security deposit.  I didn’t even ask, matter-of-fact I made a point to say we would honor the lease.  Because of his generous offer, we have started to look at purchasing a home.  We haven’t sat with a lender yet, but have briefly spoken with our amazing real estate agent/college friend.  We’re both very anxious to own our first home and feel now couldn’t be a better time to buy.

The third and final big change I’d like to talk about is my job.  I am no longer employed with the College of Charleston.  While only there for a little under two years, I really did enjoy my job and coworkers.  I’m going to miss it.  I’ve decided to go back to my previous employer as a systems engineer.  I am really going to enjoy the challenging work.

As I finally finish up this post, I’m anxious to write about new things.