In early 2007, when Ashley and I decided to get married, I created  The idea was to continue to my personal blogging and social network tracking as I’d previously done on, but to add Ashley as a contributor.  In the 3 year span simplyearl was running, she hasn’t contributed once.  I can see her now giving me that poop eating grin.  At this point I would probably have better luck having Reeves contribute to the blog than Ashley.

Reeves using the keyboard

Reeves Using The Keyboard

That being the case I have decided to combine both sites and my brand if you will back into  I’m also hoping that this also inspires me to write more.  I’m still working on exactly how I want to combine them and which section to place emphasis.  So for now, simplyearl will redirect all traffic to bobbyearl.  I also am not interested in moving my custom WordPress theme so please pardon the free theme.