For reasons I can’t exactly explain, I’ve felt the need to write again. Perhaps it’s a renewed interest in the developer community. Regardless the reason, I haven’t consistently blogged in over 10 years. Typically I’d focused on personal ramblings, but honeslty I feel the need to make this more technical in nature.


Sticking with the technical theme, I setup several new technologies to write this blog. Instead of a one-click Wordpress install, I chose to use Jekyll in conjunction with Github Pages. As Jekyll is a static site generator, performance and security are huge benefits, especially when compared to Wordpress. I’m obviously some capabilities which Wordpress or a comparable CMS provides, but for my infrequent blog site, it seemed perfect.

Setup was mostly painless. The only point of confusion was whether to use Bundler or not. The help article describes using it, whereas the Jekyll page didn’t seem very concerned with it. Most likely my confusion comes from a lack of understanding its capabilities, but currently I am not using it.


Not particularly caring about the aesthetics of this site, Hyde seemed like the perfect fit.