In my current role at Blackbaud, I’ve been fortunate enough to create some fun and challenging customizations. As Wordpress has became a staple offering for the Interactive Services team, we found the need to create a WooCommerce plugin, adding iATS as a Payment Gateway.

Our client, ADRA Canada was already an iATS customer, and didn’t want to have to switch merchants or use a second one just for their ecommerce store. A quick search revealed an active developer community, including payment gateways for WooCommerce, but sadly, not one for use with iATS.

The last piece to confirm was that iATS provided an API to interactive with. Another quick search shows they provide a Web Service for developers service. A few weeks scoping and several email exchanges later with the iATS staff and our client, we had our scope!

iATS Payment Gateway

While I’m not able to provide all the technical details of the project, the iATS Web Service and WooCommerce API were both very well documented and easy to work with. The end product is a fully functioning eCommerce store with support for the iATS payment gateway! If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to contact me.