I know December is a long time away. More specifically December 16, which is nearly ten months and twenty-two days away. Despite the fact, I can’t help but already start and wonder what I’m gonna do after I walk across that stage. I really have no clue what I want to do. There are three major options I have.

  • Graduate School Originally never an option. There more I think about it though it seems possible. I’ve been in school this long, why stop now? If I am to try graduate school I have to get some things into gear very soon. I need to take the GRE and do well on it. I also need try with 100% of my effort in raising my GPA. That including dropping all thing extracurricular, possibly even taking some easy summer classes just to raise it.

  • Military I have thought about the military for some time now. Even since I was younger. I’m not sure of which branch I would even join. Just want to be able to say, I joined the armed forces, I served my country. This option would require an obvious change in my eating and exercise habits in order to get into shape. Lots of times they’ll pay for more education and pay off your old loans.

  • Get a job The most practical and easiest choice I have. I started looking around for jobs and found lots of well paying jobs that I was qualified for. Obviously it would deal with computers

To some this wouldn’t be such a hard choice. What makes this decision harder for me is I have no objection to moving. Matter-of-fact I think I’d like to get away for a while. I like this area, I like this state, but I want to live outside of SC for part of my life. My thoughts can be seen here. Whatever decision I make, I know it well be thought out and that I’ll have fun.